Sunday, February 12, 2012

Catch Up

Its only been 3 years since I've written anything on my blog. So much has happened in our family, it's hard to keep up with it all. In fact Nathan and Ashley are expecting a baby on July 4th. There's a funny story behind that. They have gone to the doctor to get a ultrasound 3 times and they still don't know what the sex the baby is. Although I don't think Ashley and Nathan thinks it's very funny. Oh the suspense! But I'm so happy to be grandma again. I've missed Steve, Leann and Brennan since they've moved to Yakima where Steve is going to medical school. When they lived here Leann was busy working for Erin and having an Etsy shop, which gave me an opportunity to watch Brennan. Leann made the cutest baby onesies that she appliqued on, to sell at etsy. It is amazing that you can download a design from places like The amazing thing is you can stitch out the designs to your embroidery sewing machine. It is a fun hobby that Leann and I both really like.
Erin and I won't be alone for long. Zach got a job in Pullman and starts next month. They plan to stay with us until they sell there house. I will get a chance to spend time with the grand kids that have been on the other side of the country way to long. Yahooooo!
Emily graduated from BYU Idaho in December and we're so proud of her. Tucker and Emily plan on moving with us too so he can finish up at LC.
Jacob is in Sweden on a mission. He loves Sweden. Jacob said he would love to live in Sweden when he finishes his mission if it weren't so expensive.
Just a short version of the las three years. Erin and I feel so blessed.

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